Project Scope: Building an innovative business platform from the ground up.  Product development.

My Roles:  User Researcher | Content Strategist | Information Architect | Usability Researcher | Visual Designer | Project Manager

Methods: User Interviews | Affinity Mapping | Content Frames |Sketching | Surveys, 

Tools:  Sketches, Figma, InVision App

Work in progress.  More added weekly.

About This Project: This is my own personal project. While I do not have myself under an NDA, I don't want to post much about our research before launch of the official product. This is the temporary woot!bid site to gauge interest and collect emails for potential interested users. I would be happy to discuss the details of what I am finding and how I am finding it, in person.

I moved to Bellevue in September 2017 after living in Saint Louis, Missouri. When I lived in Saint Louis I founded a painting and design firm that I ran for 15 years. When I got to Bellevue, my partner and I immediatly started a remodel. How eye opeinging that has been! There is a huge gap between homeowners and painting contractors. Its filled with a bunch of "techy solutions" but nothing is truely geared towards the end users. We hope to change that.

My team and I are building this platform from the ground up with the mission to meaningfully connect homeowners and painting contractors in a way that saves both time and money..

Stay tuned, I am really proud and excited to share our journey.